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One of the great pleasure of travelling is the chance to try exciting foreign foods.

Morocco has a long and eventful history. Over the centuries it has been enriched by afascinating blend of Arab, Berber, Middle Eastern, Moorish, Iberian, Mediterranean, African and Jewish cultures, from which has evolved a cuisine that is uniquely Moroccan.

We invite you to choose from the following menu, which we hope will give you an introduction to the best food Morocco has to offer…

The Chef…


Assortment of Moroccan Vegetables : 75 Dhs

Garden-fresh vegetables tossed with vinaigrette and cooked with spices and olive oil to make all the flavors come through. They are served with our homemade bread, baked fresh in our kitchen immediately before serving.

Assortment of Briouats : 75 Dhs

A selection of 4 small crispy pastries, stuffed with delicately spiced minced meat, chicken, cheese and vegetables. Very Moorish.

Assortment of Vegeterian Briouats : 75 Dhs

A selection of 4 small crispy pastries, filled with vegetables, cheese, carrots and zucchini, and spinach.

Anika Salad : 75 Dhs

A simple combination of tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumber, sprinkled with roasted almonds and raisins, perfectly topped with our famous Anika sauce.

Traditional Moroccan Harira Soup : 75 Dhs

A typical Moroccan harira, rich and nourishing, and traditionally served during Ramadan after a day of fasting. Based on vegetables, with lentils, other pulses, and small noodles, served with Choubakia, a small sweet pastry, and dates

Vegetable Veloute Soup : 75 Dhs

A tasty veloute of fresh vegetables, slightly spiced, reflecting the flavours of the Moroccan countryside, served with our homemade bread roll.

Main Course

Quail Trid : 150 Dhs

Pronounced « treed » , this dish consists of a cooked quail, nestling on a bed of lentils and onions with pastry leaves.

Chicken Seffa Medfouna : 150 Dhs

A famous Moroccan dish which features saffron chicken, hidden within a dome of steamed vermicelli. The vermicelli are sweetened with raisins and butter, and decorated with ground fried almonds, cinnamon and sprinkled with sugar glaze.

Lamb Shank with raisins and caramelized onions : 150 Dhs

The lamb shank is combined with onions and raisins, in a subtle spicy sauce, slightly sweet and savoury.

Fish of the day, Moroccan style : 150 Dhs

Delicious fillets of seasonal fish cooked in a mixture of spices with olive oil, coriander, cumin, paprika, pepper, salt, garlic and finely chopped tomatoes, finished with a splash of lemon juice, and served with potatoes and carrots.

Beef Fillet brochette with oriental rice : 150 Dhs

Specially selected fillet of beef marinated and served with delicately flavoured oriental rice. Succulent and tender.

Chicken Pastilla : 150 Dhs

The jewel of Moroccan cuisine, Pastilla is often prepared for weddings and other special occasions. A mixture of chicken, almonds, eggs and spices coated in a delicate crispy filo pastry, all sprinkled with glazed sugar and cinnamon.

Vegetarian Berber Tajine : 150 Dhs

A rustic dish traditionally eaten by the hill people of the Atlas and the Tuaregs from the desert. A delicious dish to rival the most sophisticated tajines, comprised of soft and crunchy vegetables. You will get all the aromatic flavors of Morocco in this dish.

Vegetarian Pastilla : 150 Dhs

A real monument of Moroccan cooking, but in its vegeterian version. A combination of vermicelli, onions, cabbages, pepper, zucchini and almonds, coated in a delicate filo pastry leaf.

Dar Anika's signature dish, for the more adventurous:

Camel Tanjia with raisins and chickpeas : 200 Dhs

Camel tanjia is a dish rarely served in restaurants. Mixed with traditional spices such as ras el hanout, cumin and cinnamon, this meat has to cook for at least four hours to develop its tenderness and rich combination of flavours. Served with raisins and chickpeas, accompanied with vegetables.
Please note that this dish is freshly cooked to order, and due to the long cooking time, we need a minimum of four hours notice to allow us to prepare it perfectly for you.


Milk Pastilla : 70 Dhs

A fresh and sophisticated dessert, light crisp pastry layered with a silky textured filling of cream scented with orange blossom.

Orange Salad : 70 Dhs

An orange salad, with orange blossom, cinnamon and sugar glaze. Perfect simplicity.

Caramelized Pears : 70 Dhs

Pan fried pears with salted caramel sauce.

Fruits of the season : 70 Dhs

A selection of seasonal fruits, natural, sweetened, or topped with fresh cream.

Crème Caramel : 70 Dhs

A homemade crème caramel.